Specializes in: Styling | On Figure | Art Direction

Michele Andrews was born on the East Coast and spent her formative years traveling the Coast. She now resides in Pacific Northwest. Her sense of fashion was obtained by observations visually as a young woman. The examination of layers for pragmatic use with a deep desire to mold shapes around the body is the foundation of her evolving visual style.

Filtering the world through a lens of color, texture, and silhouette, Michele's use of classical forms and garment pairing create a breath of nostalgia and luxury with considerations in unexpected details.


Clients | Press

Barneys NY, Reebok, Silvae, Nomia, Flaunt Magazine, Older Brother, Schai, MTV, Sam Amidon, Self Magazine, Darling Magazine, Passenger Vintage, Noah Gundersen, Howard Woman, Title A, Sutro Footwear, Girlfriend Collective, Good Thing NYC, Vanderpop.